50 years
of experience


50 anni
di esperienza

What is the power behind an idea?


Dalma was founded by Danilo Dallan, an established professional specialised in the development of sheet metal machining systems.  Drawing on half a century of customer-centric experience in this field and on his painstaking attention to detail, Danilo has forged long-term relationships, based on mutual trust and respect, with Italian and international suppliers and customers.


He runs the company in collaboration with his son Alberto Dallan, and with Diego Bergamin, a technical specialist with extensive expertise in mechanical engineering.


From left: Diego Bergamin, Alberto Dallan, Danilo Dallan

All-Italian quality,
with an international vision


Long-standing experience and extensive expertise enable Dalma to select the best components for high-performing machinery based entirely on all-Italian mechanical technologies.


Hard work, a hunger for learning, a desire to aim high and expand its horizons: Dalma turns these deep-seated values – typical of Italy, and of the Veneto region in particular, the driving force of mechanical engineering innovation in our country – into cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the needs of the national and international market.



Our team of experts draws on its extensive industry experience to
develop new solutions designed specifically to meet our customers’ production, technical and financial needs
A team with a common goal and a mind geared towards the future.


Every idea is an opportunity that can turn into a reality and anticipate the future. This is the main principle underlying our daily work; it is the goal we set out to achieve alongside our customers, so as to ensure them the best conditions for growth.



Our philosophy
is expressed in the following manifesto.

1. Collaboration
We believe in developing solutions that exceed your expectations.
2. Trust
We believe in quality relationships, as well as quality products.
3. Competence
We believe in converting ideas into safe, sound, high-performing solutions.
4. Reliability
We believe in acting as partners, not just suppliers, and in remaining firmly by your side.
5. Speed
We believe in speed, so as to enable you to work in the best possible conditions.
6. Ideas
We see ideas are the most powerful resource in existence; a chance for you to fulfil your potential.
7. Growth
We support your growth so that you can remain competitive at all times.
8. Future
We see the future as the horizon ahead, the hope for a better morrow.