Roll forming,


and packaging


e packaging

Our machinery boasts state-of-the-art, safe and reliable automation systems meeting the high quality standards of modern production. Moreover, they are extremely compact and easy to use, as a result of Dalma’s user-centric approach to producing individual machinery.

Roll forming

Dalma’s roll forming machines are designed for the production – starting from sheet metal coils – of profiles for the industrial, construction and furniture sectors. Simple adjustments and ease of use promote high quality production, using sheet metal in a thickness of 0.2 to 2 mm. Utmost flexibility, versatility and practicality ensure exceptionally high quality standards.


The high degree of customisation of Dalma’s punching machines ensures the high-speed, high-precision cutting and machining of sheet metal, enabling deforming, beading and threading operations to be completed with exceptional precision and speed. By liaising with the customer, and through the expertise of our technical team, every system can be configured according to specific production needs.


Dalma’s end-of-line packaging solutions support the highest levels of productivity. Advanced automation speeds up machining, while also minimising waste and downtime. The systems’ state-of-the-art technology allows for quick and easy operations, also in terms of format changes.

Special solutions

Dalma designs and manufactures special machinery, conceived and implemented in line with the customer’s needs – pleaters, corrugating machines, boring heads and other systems stemming from Dalma’s specialist expertise and the best components on the market. Dalma’s special machinery anticipates market trends through configurations meeting the production requirements of our modern-day industry.

Cutting-edge components, constant experimentation,
engineering of construction details.




These are just some of the ingredients that allow Dalma to build durable, flexible, easy-to-use, automated systems to streamline production, minimise machine downtime and waste, and improve energy efficiency.